Ars nova Concert Sold out! 

So excited for our Uncharted concert @ Ars Nova tomorrow on the 11th. This cast is insanely talented: Jo Lampert, Nick Blaemire, Chrissi Poland, Ray Lee, MJ Rodriguez, and Helen Park. As Ray Lee puts it, "I want to throw my shoe at all of you." Every time they sing, I pee a little. All of my underwear is ruined forever. 

Here's a little preview of them singing a song from KPOP! 



And also for all your blackmail needs. This video interview Jason & I shot for Ars Nova:


Max Vernon + Jason Kim @ Goodspeed

Jason & I will be developing our Ars Nova Uncharted commission Co-Op @ Goodspeed Opera House, end of January alongside some great writers/friends Ty Defoe, Tidtaya Sinotoke, Grace McLean, Sam Willmott, and others. More below:


Show & Tell (Apocalypse Song Cycle)


Had first reading of Show & Tell through the Civilians' "Findings" series as the culmination of my year long investigation in their R&D Group. It was directed by Sam Pinkleton, and featured some additional writing from Clare Barron, Joshua Conkel, Jiehae Park, Jen Silverman, and Winter Miller.

"Stupid Ancient Trees" - a song I wrote to accompany a Clare Barron piece.

"One Shot at Life"


TheatreWorks Silicon Valley Retreat

Spent a week out in Silicon Valley working on my apocalypse song cycle "Show & Tell"

When I wasn't sneaking off to San Francisco to huff poppers, I was working tirelessly in a practice room appropriately named "The Void" - an airport hangar sized space filled with discarded props and knick knacks. I used some of the things lying around to create a little creative cave for myself: 

Then, on the last day previewed some of the songs for a nice gathering of about 150 people.

Made sure my sequins were on fleek.




Larson Grant Ceremony Performance

If ya'll ever wanted to hear me gush vulnerably about Rent, talk about wearing kimonos in high school, and then sing a depressing song about gay sex, now you can!! #spiderbroochonfleek :D From the Larson ceremony: