Award Season Love <3

KPOP is the most nominated Off-Broadway show of the year whaaaaaat?? 

감사합니다!!! 사랑해요 KPOP family ❤️🇰🇷🔥🌈

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I've had a few days to process, but it's still so incredibly surreal and exciting that Helen Park & I got nominated for Outstanding Music, Lyrics, and Musical. Also I have 2 months rent left in my bank account yaaaaaaas. Hooray for #cognitivedissonance !! This is how it all went down: 

Tituss and Jane Krakowski!!! (who I used to aspire to be when I was ten, cuz Ally McBeal) 

Not to mention the Lortel Awards, where we got 9 nominations including Best Musical.

At the Lortel Nominee Breakfast a good time was had. I got schwasted on mimomas, stuffed my face with quiche, and had a kiki with friend and newly Pulitzer'd Martyna Majok, Sarah Gancher, Kirsten Childs, and my KPOP fam.

In the middle of all this Award Season Madness, through the American Theatre Wing, I had this beautiful experience Mentoring a high school student named David Volpini, who was competing for a $25,000 College Scholarship. I think they paired us bc he was writing a zombie musical, and I am also a weirdo freak so they were like "hayyyyyy!" I was a fierce tiger mom, David worked super hard, and HE WON THE GRAND PRIZE. I was so freaking proud. There is hope for the future yet. Although I also learned that 17 year olds have never heard of Rent, and now I feel old (turning 30 next month!)... 


While the judges were deliberating, I got to debut a tune from the Tattooed Lady, my new musical in collab with playwright Erin Courtney. I think I freaked everyone the fuqqqq out?? Mission accomplished!


In all seriousness, I've experienced so much rejection over the last ten years, I feel like a f*cking warrior just for getting through it and continuing to write these strange, cult musicals. None of these awards'll truly mean anything in the grander scheme, but I am grateful and proud of what my KPOP family accomplished. And gurl, get ready bc I am going to serve you lewks on that red carpet like the theatre world has never f*cking seen. Til next time xo 💃💃💃💃⚡️


To Slay Or Not To Slay The Kennedy Center

That was the question, and the answer was SLAY! 

Of the 100+ concerts I have performed in my life, my KenCen debut last thursday was my absolute favorite. 7 costume changes, we brought our strange rock & electronic musical theatre songs about snail cream, political radicalization, dildos, piss drinking night life transsexuals, cocaine induced time travel & the apocalypse to the most elegant of stages. We even forced the men in the audience to make a pact to stop masturbating in public without consent. I have no idea how my music ended up on this stage and lord knows I probably won't be invited back, but this show was pure magic & I'm grateful this video exists as an archive. When I die someday, please remember me this way 👩‍🎤❤️

Overstaying my welcome at @kennedycenter 🤗🌈💋

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Kennedy Center: Conquered 🔥

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Throwback: When KPOP Met Hamilton

The day before we closed KPOP 1.0 musical theatre superhero Lin Manuel came and got his lyfe. It's amazing to meet someone who just radiates that kinda positivity and makes you look in the mirror in comparison and be like I'M INTO DARKSIIIIDED STUFF!!!! YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAAAAANUH! jk, but for real tho Lin is a beautiful being, and he said a lot of really sweet stuff that I kinda half-remember bc I disassociated but thankfully there's this photo evidence. Hallelu! 

Da fuq?? We made Lin cry 😱 Now we’re ALL crying. Good night. #kpop

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This just happened. Can’t believe our factory doors close tomorrow 😭🇰🇷 #kpop #kpoplive #alifeinthetheatre

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And then just like that, KPOP ended it's very sold out extended off-Broadway run in a burst of confetti and glitter cuz that's how I do. Now where that transfer at?????? 

KPOP ends an amazing run tonight, completing a nearly 4 year journey. As a gay Jewish white boy from Los Angeles I knew very little about Korean anything going into this project, but about 1000 hours later of late night music video marathons, 50 songs written and produced with @mshelenpark, snail slime face masks, spending my entire commission in Ktown on bulgogi and karaoke, and also more seriously- learning from my Korean collaborators first hand the struggles and tremendous sacrifice that comes w being an Asian artist in America, I have so much respect and appreciation for the culture. Having the opportunity to fall so deeply in love with a new genre of music has been the greatest gift. Every time I see our KPOP stars perform on stage I genuinely fangirl the fuq out and pee a little. This show took more than 100 creatives from 3 diff theatre companies to put together. We built a goddamn FACTORY where there was nothing! 😱✨ thank you to @arsnovanyc @woodshednyc and @mayitheater for your vision. And thank you to @jasonkimny @mshelenpark and @teddybergman @decadancenyc for the most incredible collaboration. Love and 🐌🍭 forever #kpop

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KPOP. Out. ✌️🚀✨✨✨

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Out100 what??? 

Somehow yr girl ended up on the Out100 this year, as an influential gay. I accept this honor, and promise to do my very best in spreading radical queer fabulosity and encouraging the proliferation of bedazzled caftans.

And here's a cute lil B-side shot by Roger Erickson Mischevious red head Greg Garry also encouraged a guerilla photoshoot in Chinatown's diamond district which lead to this most epic boomerang :P

A few weeks after the shoot, I went with my man and TVU swing, Anthony Alfaro to the Out100 party, where we rocked some lewks & kiki'd in the same room as Janet Jackson and Chelsea Manning. 

Look at this beautiful boy! How'd I get so lucky??

 What fresh gay adventures await? ...stay tuned! 



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