DECADES @ Glasslands 4/20/11 from DECADES on Vimeo.


EP OUT IN MAY. spread the word.




Now Showing Re-Cap

In the words of our drummer, Josh Wehle, "Twas a dope show." DECADES turned out the VIP crowd-I danced like I was having a seizure, cocktails were consumed, I got to meet Melora Creager, and I sold some art. Good night. 

Check out this short clip of us performing:

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Band Teasers

A few months back I casually/vaguely mentioned that I'd joined a band...

Well two nights ago we played our first show- a brief 3 song set @ Dumbo Arts Center. It was a part of an event organized by Rumi Missabu, one of the original 13 Cockettes. 

We're going to be recording and gigging out like crazy in the near future, but I wanted to give you a little preview of the new sound. 

hope you all dig.


Band Teaser 2 from Max Vernon on Vimeo.




Watering the Flowers

I finally finished my centerpiece for the Now Showing exhibit in March yesterday. 

I spent the last month on it. It's the largest piece I've ever done and it incorporates a bunch of new techniques - glazing, ink washes, WORKING IN COLOR etc. 

At one point it was almost tossed out my window in frustration after I attacked it with a pair of scissors. Luckily my friend Danny Jackson ( restrained me from more impromptu cropping. 

Hope you guys like it.