Studio Time

I’m in the studio all day today with my friend/collaborator, the very French, very talented, and very pretty Cecile Tournesac. So far we’ve been working together on the music for my Silent Sirens EP, but right now we’re finishing up a new mix of When Your Body Breaks.

The original version of WYBB was recorded by Richard Rusincovitch (of Menya fame) and Caitlin Pasko (another really talented singer/songwriter who performs under the name Lacrymosa). Although I love the song, I was never totally satisfied with my vocal performance on the original- I was only 19 at the time and we only had enough studio time for me to sing one take…

Anyways, I’m  so so happy with the rerecorded vocals, and I can’t wait to share the new mix with everyone. It’s sounding great so far.

Since it doesn’t really have anything to do with the new EP I’m working on, I think I’ll give it away as a freebie to the people that join the mailing list.

I’m going to miss Cecile when she moves back to France…

Go listen to Menya and Caitlin:



Hello everyone, excited to share the launch of my site with you.

I just got back from LA, where I met with a really cool producer/potential collaborator.

I’m excited to let you guys know more about that in the future…

In the meantime, I have press photos and images of my artwork up in the gallery section, and you can find my music and videos here as well!

thanks for exploring the site, hope you all dig the design/me as a character from Aeon Flux.


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