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KPOP realnezz

and now with the wondercam filter that makes you look like an alien fetus:

That Helen Park sure knows her way around a pop hook. We slayed and served korean popstar glam the house down @ Ars last month. SO many things I'd love to share but I'd get assassinated by a team of Korean ninjas. Shhhhh!

KPOP is coming........ ;)


Live from Ars Nova


Ars nova Concert Sold out! 

So excited for our Uncharted concert @ Ars Nova tomorrow on the 11th. This cast is insanely talented: Jo Lampert, Nick Blaemire, Chrissi Poland, Ray Lee, MJ Rodriguez, and Helen Park. As Ray Lee puts it, "I want to throw my shoe at all of you." Every time they sing, I pee a little. All of my underwear is ruined forever. 

Here's a little preview of them singing a song from KPOP! 



And also for all your blackmail needs. This video interview Jason & I shot for Ars Nova:


Max Vernon + Jason Kim in Ars Nova's Uncharted

Jason Kim and I will spend the next 2 years developing our cult musical "Co-Op" alongside Sarah Hammond, Will Aronson, Heather Christian, Rachel Chavkin, Victor Lesniewski, Rebekah Melocik, Jacob Yandura, Greta Gertler Gold, Akin Salawu, Martyna Majok, and Michael McQuilken. 

More info here: http://us1.campaign-archive1.com/?u=39d90fa543d29e66105516d59&id=2a30911360

So much madness in development with Ars this year... My official artist photo however was a mesh catastrophe. I've corrected the image to spare you the sight of my glorious FUPA. 


WIRED musical demos

As some of you may know I'll be having my first workshop + industry reading of my musical, WIRED, at the end of the month @ Ars Nova. If you haven't seen me in a few months it's most likely because I've been working on this pretty much non-stop, tweaking demos, book rewrites, etc. 

We're finishing up the casting process right now and I can't wait to unveil the show to everyone. 

In the meantime, here are 4 demos from the show for you to listen to: 

Wired (new) by maxsvernon

Turn Off My Mind (new) by maxsvernon

Whispering Unease (new) by maxsvernon

The Grind (new) by maxsvernon

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