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Jo Lampert @ Ars Nova Ant Fest

Vocal superhero and inspiration Jo Lampert ASSASINATED her Ars Nova cabaret (her first but not her last). It's dead. I'm dead, but will continue to live as a happy ghost like Capser.

Was honored to rearrange Little Dragon's Constant Surprises for the show. Other participating arrangers included Shaina Taub, the Bengsons, and more. It was a beautiful show.

With Jo, Jason Kim, alt-cabaret gal Erin Markey, and the brilliant Marin Ireland.

We love you Jo!



KPOP realnezz

and now with the wondercam filter that makes you look like an alien fetus:

That Helen Park sure knows her way around a pop hook. We slayed and served korean popstar glam the house down @ Ars last month. SO many things I'd love to share but I'd get assassinated by a team of Korean ninjas. Shhhhh!

KPOP is coming........ ;)


Live from Ars Nova


Ars nova Concert Sold out! 

So excited for our Uncharted concert @ Ars Nova tomorrow on the 11th. This cast is insanely talented: Jo Lampert, Nick Blaemire, Chrissi Poland, Ray Lee, MJ Rodriguez, and Helen Park. As Ray Lee puts it, "I want to throw my shoe at all of you." Every time they sing, I pee a little. All of my underwear is ruined forever. 

Here's a little preview of them singing a song from KPOP! 



And also for all your blackmail needs. This video interview Jason & I shot for Ars Nova:


Max Vernon + Jason Kim in Ars Nova's Uncharted

Jason Kim and I will spend the next 2 years developing our cult musical "Co-Op" alongside Sarah Hammond, Will Aronson, Heather Christian, Rachel Chavkin, Victor Lesniewski, Rebekah Melocik, Jacob Yandura, Greta Gertler Gold, Akin Salawu, Martyna Majok, and Michael McQuilken. 

More info here: http://us1.campaign-archive1.com/?u=39d90fa543d29e66105516d59&id=2a30911360

So much madness in development with Ars this year... My official artist photo however was a mesh catastrophe. I've corrected the image to spare you the sight of my glorious FUPA.