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nincest music, acid wash teal denim jackets, and memoriez

We just wrapped our workshop @ New Dramatists. Fabulous actor/comedienne Kate Rigg gifted me her late mother's incredible jacket. I'm not worthy.



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and the back!



And for those of you who are into that sorta thing, here's some barbershop quartet songs about bankers who get spontaneous erections, bubblegum pop abortion jingles, glam rock incest anthems, and something on an accordian about french taxicab drivers xo



nincest @ New Dramatists

I can only collaborate with playwrights who look like monsters from Japanese horror films, ie Jen Silverman



NINCEST @ Berkeley Rep's Ground Floor 

Just returned from a crazy, inspiring, creatively productive retreat @ Berkeley Rep's Groundfloor. Was there writing music for a new show entitled My Father the Speeding Bullet: Nincest, text by Jen Silverman, dir. Mike Donahue, designer Dane Laffrey, and Dito van Reigersberg (aka Martha Grahamcracker).

Also got to rub elbows with some other cool artists like Lauren Yee, Eisa Davis, Joe Waechter, Susan Stanton, Lileana Blain-Cruz, Megan Hill & Amy Staats, Eric Hoff, Josh Lefkowitz, Tori Sampson, SK Kerastas, etc.

We stayed at first at The Rose Garden Inn, a dilapidated and wonderfully tacky mansion filled with fairy statues and Stevie Nicks-esque curtains adorned with flower patterns and plastic pink crystals. I was like- we are actually staying in the Annie Baker John hotel HOORAY. And then like 3 days later, ALL OF THE ROOMS TURNED OUT TO BE INFESTED WITH BEDBUGS, except Jesus took the wheel and I magically emerged unscathed..

BUT before that drama, face masks were had w Megan Hill- and while we purified our skin we poisoned our bodies with unthinkable quantities of gummy candy. If you died and went to hell, pretty sure Satan would look like this:

I wrote a bunch of waltz and lullabies about incest and Anais Nin, saw a transman get fisted on top of a bus stop in public during San Fran Pride, saw Peaches in concert, went to a live S&M demonstration, ate incredible food @ Burma Superstar and Chez Panisse, and got to work with my theatre fam on a new pretty fucking weird queer show. Sometimes being an artist is cool like that.

Thank you Berkeley Rep!

and thank you Jen Silverman for introducing me to Bitmojis. A monster is born.


Wondrous Strange @ Humana Fest

Loved writing this strange punk rock song for Jen Silverman's Bonnets. Running in the Humana Fest thru April 10th.




Show & Tell (Apocalypse Song Cycle)


Had first reading of Show & Tell through the Civilians' "Findings" series as the culmination of my year long investigation in their R&D Group. It was directed by Sam Pinkleton, and featured some additional writing from Clare Barron, Joshua Conkel, Jiehae Park, Jen Silverman, and Winter Miller.

"Stupid Ancient Trees" - a song I wrote to accompany a Clare Barron piece.

"One Shot at Life"