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30 Million Off-Broadway Debut! 

on May 13th, 30 Million (book by Jason Kim, music & lyrics by yrs truly) opened at Theatre Row in the Lion Theatre as a part of Keen Company's Keen Teens Festival. The cast rocked it out. All of my shitty middle and high school experiences have been retroactively vindicated :D

As in every musical I've ever been apart of, I found myself an hour before the show frantically making posters with every possible color of crayola marker I could get my hands on 'cuz UNNECESSARY PROPS MAGICALLY SOLVE ALL PROBLEMS.

Here with my theatre sistah Jason Kim, MD Lena Gabrielle, and genius choreographer Brad Landers.

And then American Theatre Magazine wrote this dope article about it:


Keen Teens is an amazing program. At this year's Keen Company Gala, using the music from 30 Million, we were able to raise a lot of money for next year. I'm grateful it will be able to continue to thrive and inspire.

See above: future theatre star Melody Munitz


The View UpStairs

Invisible Wall's workshop presentation of The View UpStairs took place last week on 3/31 and 4/1. So proud of what we were able to create with only 2 1/2 weeks of rehearsal. It was the most creatively inspired I've ever felt & I loved my cast and creative team. Onward and upward!

The View UpStairs by Max Vernon

Dir: Scott Ebersold

Music Dir: Matt Aument

Choreo: Spencer Liff

Cast: Frenchie Davis, Nathan Lee Graham, Robin de Jesus, Ben Mayne, Doreen Montalvo, Justin Sargent, Jason Tam, Clarke Thorell, Michael Winther.






Wondrous Strange @ Humana Fest

Loved writing this strange punk rock song for Jen Silverman's Bonnets. Running in the Humana Fest thru April 10th.




AHHHHmerica from Co-op

From "CO-OP" a new musical I'm writing with Jason Kim (book)

I don't personally agree with the call to arms in this song. Violence just creates more violence, so please don't go blowin' shit up like these characters! But I do hope you see the increasing radicalization happening in this country and think "This is not my America."


Larson Legacy Concert @ Adelphi University

An amazing show I will never forget! As one woman in the audience apparently whispered, "This is verrrrry different than the music they play at my temple." ;)

Our amazing cast (Chrissi Poland, Mykal Kilgore, MJ Rodriguez, Ray Lee, Helen Park) who slayed the house down with their fierce vocals. Directed by Liz Carlson, and MD'd by Jack Mitchell.

The concert was also featured on the cover of the arts section in Newsday!

The text of the full article is here: http://www.newsday.com/entertainment/rent-creator-jonathan-larson-honored-in-concert-at-adelphi-university-1.11523331