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To Slay Or Not To Slay The Kennedy Center

That was the question, and the answer was SLAY! 

Of the 100+ concerts I have performed in my life, my KenCen debut last thursday was my absolute favorite. 7 costume changes, we brought our strange rock & electronic musical theatre songs about snail cream, political radicalization, dildos, piss drinking night life transsexuals, cocaine induced time travel & the apocalypse to the most elegant of stages. We even forced the men in the audience to make a pact to stop masturbating in public without consent. I have no idea how my music ended up on this stage and lord knows I probably won't be invited back, but this show was pure magic & I'm grateful this video exists as an archive. When I die someday, please remember me this way 👩‍🎤❤️

Overstaying my welcome at @kennedycenter 🤗🌈💋

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Kennedy Center: Conquered 🔥

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Show & Tell (Apocalypse Song Cycle)


Had first reading of Show & Tell through the Civilians' "Findings" series as the culmination of my year long investigation in their R&D Group. It was directed by Sam Pinkleton, and featured some additional writing from Clare Barron, Joshua Conkel, Jiehae Park, Jen Silverman, and Winter Miller.

"Stupid Ancient Trees" - a song I wrote to accompany a Clare Barron piece.

"One Shot at Life"


TheatreWorks Silicon Valley Retreat

Spent a week out in Silicon Valley working on my apocalypse song cycle "Show & Tell"

When I wasn't sneaking off to San Francisco to huff poppers, I was working tirelessly in a practice room appropriately named "The Void" - an airport hangar sized space filled with discarded props and knick knacks. I used some of the things lying around to create a little creative cave for myself: 

Then, on the last day previewed some of the songs for a nice gathering of about 150 people.

Made sure my sequins were on fleek.




Lower East Side Angry Face

New demo from my Apocalypse song cycle "Show & Tell"




Max Vernon recipient of the 2014 JFUND Award

This is my first artist grant and I'm pretty over the moon about it. Thank you Jerome Foundation for paying me to write a song cycle about the apocalypse (words I never thought I'd write) <3


The American Composers Forum (ACF) champions composers and other creative musicmakers, and boosts their careers with professional opportunities. Our Jerome Fund for New Music (JFund) supports the creation, presentation, and subsequent life of a new work. About 10 grants are available: up to $7,000 for the composer or primary artist’s time to create the work, and up to $1,500 to help make it happen and further its potential.

We are pleased to announce the 2014 JFund Recipients:

  • Zack Baltich (Minneapolis, MN) will write Western Interior for percussion trio and two guitars inspired by the poetry of Alec Osthoff that reflects the disasters that can occur in Northern Minnesota ice houses as well as the harsh reality of meth abuse. It will premiere at the Fallout Arts Initiative Music Co-op.
  • Justine F. Chen (New York, NY) will write a two-act opera, The Life and Death(s) of Alan Turing, with a libretto by David Simpatico, presented by American Lyric Theater
  • Jeff Fairbanks (Sunnyside, NY) will compose Gained in Translation, a 20-minute work for performing artist Gamin (gamin-music.com) with a seven-piece gugak ensemble of Korean instruments that will premiere in Seoul and go on tour.
  • Anne Goldberg (New York, NY), composer and professional ice skater, will compose para, a work for soprano (Corrine Byrne), trumpet (Andrew Kozar) and herself on piano, based on the junction of breath, movement and sound. It will be presented by Tempus Continuum in workshop settings and multiple performances.
  • Molly Joyce (New York, NY) will write Rave, a work for pianist Vicky Chow (vickychow.com) and electronics.
  • Paul Kerekes (Brooklyn, NY) will create a work for seven electric guitars. The premiere and recording will feature Trevor Babb (trevorbabbguitar.com) with prerecorded tracks.
  • Levy Lorenzo (Brooklyn, NY) will create Inside Voice for Chicago-based Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, featuring four female vocalists using iAlvin, an iPhone app created by the artist that responds to movement.
  • Jessica Meyer (Bronx, NY) will write Seasons of Basho, for The Colonials (thecolonials.org, mezzo soprano, cello and piano). It will be performed several times on their ‘mansion tour’.
  • Kari Musil (St. Paul, MN) will compose The Freedom of Jazz is in the Flavors!, an evening length cabaret in conjunction with trumpeter John Ahern and singer Pippi Ardennia presented by the Pipjazz Foundation in several locations across St. Paul.
  • Natalie Nowytski (Minneapolis, MN) will compose the music for East of the Sun and West of the Moon, a theatrical work based on a Norwegian folk tale, produced by Laurel Armstrong and written by Melissa Leilani Larson. It will be workshopped at Nautilus Music Theatre prior to its full production in 2018.
  • Max Vernon (Brooklyn, NY) will write his first song cycle, Show & Tell. It features 6 singers playing misfit characters on the night of the apocalypse, and will be produced by Rebecca Feldman of the Public Theater Casting Office.
  • Tamara Yadao (Brooklyn, NY) will create Another Kind of Spiral using C#, an algorithmic piece programmed using Unity Game Engine for a virtual mechanical musical instrument. It will be presented at Winnipeg’s Cluster: New Music + Integrated Arts Festival (clusterfestival.com).


The panelists for this grant round were Cal Arts composer-performer-improviser Vinny Golia, violinist, composer, and Juilliard teacher, Mari Kimura, and University of Michigan composition professor Kristin Kuster.