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The Holy Gay Quad: RuPaul, Charles Busch, Stephen Trask, Justin Vivian Bond

My favorite queer human

My favorite queer playwright

My favorite queer musical composer

and my favorite queer cabaret artist

These 4 have impacted and influenced my life in ways they'll likely never know or beyond what I could articulate to them, so all I can say is that this seal of approval from my queer elders is everything to me. Haters & homophobes, sashay away.


The View UpStairs gets <3 from New York Times & New Yorker


Elizabeth Vincentelli wrote an awesome review of The View UpStairs for the New York Times. Considering it is my first time ever being reviewed by the Gray Lady, I couldn't be more elated & relieved. I'm so proud of the ensemble cast for killing it night after night; it feels great to see them rewarded for their hard work and talent. Nathan Lee Graham, in particular gets an entire PARAGRAPH! It's not news to those who know me, but Nathan's been something of a muse of mine for the last 6 years- I wrote the role of Willie for him knowing he'd chew through every single cunty quip, but a PARAGRAPH? That's how good he is in this show. Attention must be paid, so take heed future legendary children!

While the review is very complimentary & positive, it's not "let's part the skies and have Jesus come down and hand Max the holy f*cking grail" bc it reflects the show I wanted to write, and then wrote. None of the characters who inhabit this world are perfect, and I didn't set out to write a pristine traditional book musical with all the loose threads tied up. Growing up as a misfit and an outcast, I gravitated towards the imperfect, flawed, fascinating, vibrant, queer, cult musicals - shows like Hedwig, Rocky Horror, Follies, Hair. I hope some future artfag 12 years from now discovers the cast recording and sees our production photos & it opens up a whole world to them.

But hey that's not all! Erik Piepenburg of The New York Times also wrote an incredible feature story on The View UpStairs and the nature of pre-AIDS queer spaces being represented in theatre. I got quoted calling Trump a "would be dictator" and then theatre-legend and queer hero Harvey Fierstein, referred to me & set designer Jason Sherwood as "young kids doing archeological work." digging up the past to learn our roots.


Then to cap it off, The New Yorker wrote this fab review for Goings On About Town!!

"colorful, fun, camp, thoughtful, with beautiful sad love songs performed by a soulful ensemble cast."

I could have daaaaaaaanced all night! I could have daaaaaaaanced all night!<3


The View Upstairs Footage, Concert @ The Center, & Rehearsal Photos

It's been a crazy busy & exciting week for The View UpStairs. We had our press preview event a few days ago  and Theatermania filmed this wonderful video of the cast sangin' the house down.

Playbill was also on hand to take a few lovely photos: 


At the presentation I felt like I was serving throwback Prince glam, but upon peeping the photo evidence I'm now thinking it was more like Sante Fe middle-aged woman from the knitting circle treks to Lilith Fair to see the Indigo Girls :P

Then we gave a sold out preview concert at the LGBT Center, which also included a talkback with panelists such as GLAAD's Ross Murray, Nightlife/Downtown Journalist Legend Michael Musto, and yours truly looking like a gay keebler elf meets hell's angel meets 20's flapper on a coke bender.





How do I unwind from this madness? Well, in the true spirit of The View UpStairs, I go to gay bars and watch lesbians conquer fascism by fingering each other in public. Take that Trump!

The View UpStairs on Towleroad & Queerty

Two of my favorite Queer blogs have shared exclusives on The View UpStairs

Queerty has some behind the scenes photos of our two leading men, Taylor Frey and Jeremy Pope- blessed with brains, beauty, and belting.

and Towleroad has a video interview with me and dir. Scott Ebersold talking about the show and a bit of the history surrounding the UpStairs Lounge.

Check it out!



The View UpStairs Key Art

So in love with this gorgeous image, shot by the legendary Joan Marcus!

tix on sale now: www.theviewupstairs.com