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"The few unfortunate souls who were turned away from the sold out concert missed a landmark event...Max Vernon slips seamlessly from indie popular song to musical theater and back again; the story is always the heart of his compelling compositions. As a composer, lyricist, and bookwriter, he weaves eclectic musical journeys that speak to a generation of twenty-somethings searching for love (or at least a hookup) in a slightly schizophrenic, technology dependent culture...a virtuosic talent to watch." "

Stage and Cinema on FRISK ME: The Songs of Max Vernon (Joe's Pub), 2012.


"The singer-songwriter Max Vernon, who is equal parts bohemia and Broadway, melds a downtown aesthetic with a progressive take on musical theatre." "

The New Yorker on FRISK ME: The Songs of Max Vernon (Joe's Pub), 2012.


"…Max Vernon, a pouty twenty-one-year-old piano virtuoso whose compositions are so nuanced (and so well sung)."

The New Yorker, 2010.


“This guy is as well rounded as artists get.  His sound is a unique blend of unfiltered pop, 1940s jazz and harmonic brilliance that can only be defined as ‘smart pop.’  It is clear that playing the piano is second nature to Max—like blinking or breathing—which is something you rarely see from musicians anymore.  Then again, he isn’t part of the mass commercialism machine we have all grown to rely on.”

New York Post


"Rising indie disco band DECADES were the highlight of the night, offering a set driven by live instrumentation and vocalist Max Vernon's silky vocal delivery."

TimeOut Magazine


"Max Vernon has a vocal instrument that is deep and resonating, its clear tonality has reach and depth of maturity.  With a signature voice he delivers piano driven melodies with a broad lyrical palette of intelligence.  At twenty years old he composes music that can move in many ways like the Woody Guthrie of Pop to make a bold comparison.”

Obsession Collection Music


"If you've hung around the East Village in the past year or so, chances are you've come across 21-year-old anti-folk musician and downtown dandy Max Vernon. The singer has a penchant for eye-catching ensembles and has performed his infectious blend of jazz, doo-wop and pop at the CMJ festival, Pianos and Knitting Factory."

W Magazine


"He has a unique style that is something like Regina Spektor’s music mixed with Patrick Wolf’s vocals. The true artistry of Max though, lies in his original compositions such as on the uplifting and enchanting ‘When Your Body Breaks.’ The track shows that beyond a great voice and some impressive musical ability, Max Vernon has some songwriting genius in him."

Music for Kids Who Can’t Read Good


"There's something about Max Vernon. He's got the quirk factor mixed in with a heavyweight songwriting style that strikes a curious chord in me. At first when I heard his stuff, I didn't quite get it. But then I couldn't quite ignore it either. But what I do know is that ‘When Your Body Breaks’ is just magical."



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